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Turbo International manufacturers an extensive range of replacement cartridge assemblies for K03, K04, KP35, KP39, GT15-25, GT15V-25V, T2, T25, T3, S300, H1, HX35 & RHF4 units.These precision-built assemblies are dynamically balanced on a Vibration Sort Rig ( VSR ) at speeds in excess of 100,000 rpm to verify rotational speed, aerodynamic balance and lubrication flow. These brand new assemblies are sold outright, without surcharge or core returns.

Major Components

Very few after-market companies invest in the tooling, patterns, and molds required to manufacture turbine and compressor wheels, housings, backplates, and other critical parts. From the start, Turbo International has made this investment and used state-of-the-art precision machining facilities to manufacture high-tech components including turbine and compressor wheels, housings, and other parts with close-dimension accuracy; and with methods that reduce machining, waste, and cost.

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Service Kits

From the earliest to the most current models, Turbo International has a range of kits for turbo servicing, overhaul and installation, including journal bearing sets, gaskets, thrust parts and more. Turbo International can also assemble kits according to individual customers' needs, giving rebuilders more flexibility in ordering only the parts they need for a job's unique requirements.

Component Parts

Parts can be ordered in kits (above) or as individual components. Ordering components individually allows you to select only the parts needed for a specific turbo rebuild.

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Oversize Rebuild Products

Turbo International gives you the competitive edge that you've been looking for. Many of Turbo International's customers use the latest machining techniques to salvage parts during rebuilds. They then use our over-size/under- size products to achieve as-new results. We offer journal bearings from standard size to plus/minus 0.020" OD and ID and piston rings from standard to plus/minus 0.020" OD and width.